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how landlords benefit

At All Services Property Management we works with the aim of providing an outstanding real estate experience to all the landlords who are intending to rent out their house or apartments at higher rates or expecting enhanced conditions of their apartments even after the end of their contract.

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Make your property accessible to a wider range of customers.

The every single day your property stays vacant, you are losing your money or the rent. Fee of our Property Manager can be easily offset that lose by reducing the vacancy period.
At All Services P.M we do promotion on all the possible media to bring potential tenants for your property.

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We will take care of all the hassles & annoying paper works

At all services PM we prepare your property for rent, we help you in verifying the credibility of the prospective tenants and takes care of the paper works.
Along with that our property manager will help you in rent collection and regularly inform you the status of your property.

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Drawbacks of Self-managing your investment or property.

When it comes to self-managing a property the greatest responsibility comes on you is getting adhere of the state’s Landlord-tenant laws.
This includes Fair Housing laws, Fair Credit laws and much more. Along with that you have to do massive promotion in order to surpass the real estate companies to get tenants.

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We have a wealth of experience in property marketing and use our broad links
and massive online as well as off-line marketing to find tenant for your property at shortest turnaround time.

tenant screening

Tenant screening is crucial as it prevent you from renting out your property to a non-payment tenants,
our property managers will do background check of the prospective tenants for you.

rent collection

Rent collection can be annoying and time consuming if your tenant repeatedly makes late payment.
Our property manager can take the hassle out from your shoulder and do the collection for you.


Maintenance of property consist a wide range of responsibilities which include replying to a tenant repair request, taking care of landscaping, pest control and more. Our property managers will take care all for you.

24/7 services

As renting a property includes a bunch of responsibilities like timely rent collections, legal paper works and answering maintenance queries so we keep our property managers 24/7 ready for your assistance.

financial reporting

In property management service we offer financial reporting so that you can evaluate the expenses and the profit you made by renting out your property it also helps you on paying your taxes.

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featured property

We have a wide range of properties which include, single family homes, apartments, condos and single bedroom apartments for all range of customers, whether you have a small budget or looking for three or four bedroom house you can check in our featured property list.

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jasbinder aujla

Our property managers are attentive, have wealth of expiring in customer handling and managing property,

Nancy Pilosky

They are very attentive! I hired All Services PM to rent out my two bed room house which they done in less than a month I highly satisfied with their service as well as the tenant. I highly recommend them.

lisa ray

I went to them to book a 1 bedroom apartment, it took them almost 15 days to arrange three property for me all where according to my requirement and under by budget. I really impressed with their service.

Mike Williams

I am a teacher and have a family of four, from the past several months I was searching two bedroom house near Angle Lake Kent WA I am greatly thankful to All Service PM for arranging the house and specially under my budget.