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All Service Property Management Group understands the significance accurate find collection and fund disbursement. With our specialized and advanced accounting software, we ensure that all facets of property management are appropriately taken care of.

Our banking and accounting services ensure that all transactions are prompt and transparent for the convenience of all its clients. With clear and easy access to all bookkeeping records online and distribution of monthly account statements to all clients by email and disbursement of timely rental receipts(minus expenses) on the clearance of rental payments we ensure you are aware of where every penny is going and why.

We ensure that all security deposits are held in a separate trust fund mandated by the state of Washington in theprotection of the interests of all owners and tenants. Payments are only disbursed when the tenants make a deposit of the rent payment and it has been cleared. Payments are disbursed through either direct deposit via ACH/PayLease, emailing the tenant check to the property owner’s bank account, or mailing the check from the tenant along with the monthly statement to the property owner. If our experts observe any delinquency in the tenant’s payments, you will be immediately notified of the same and necessary procedures will be followed under your knowledge.

You are free to connect to our expert officials regarding any queries, concerns, and issues regarding your account with All Service Property Management Group. If you there is an error notify us in details as soon as possible and we will definitely follow up and take the necessary action to the best of our knowledge, evidence and the owner’s interests.

Our systematic and advanced banking and accounting services are designed to deal with all possible property management challenges to ensure that your property transactions are free from threat, fraud, and are absolutely transparent facilitating a gratifying real estate experience. We ensure customer satisfaction because that is our utmost priority.

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