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All Service Property Management abides by and operates in compliance with all federal, state and local legislations, policies and guidelines aligning to the real estate Industry. We ensure that our personnel is well trained to understand and abide by Law.
We incorporate all Federal, state and local legislation into policies, documentation, and procedures. Some of the Acts abided by All Service Property Management group includes Fair Housing (HUD), Servicemen’s Civil Relief Act (SCRA Act), Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA), Fair Credit Repairing Act (FCRA), Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and any other law applicable for the time being in force.

All Service Property Management group incorporates the code of ethics and a drug-free policy for all personnel, tenants, and vendors. Our policies are very meticulously included in personnel, tenant, and vendor documentation.
As per the Washington Real Estate Commission, all individuals undertaking real estate sales and property management are mandatorily required to hold a Washington Real Estate license. All Property Managers and brokers working for and with All Service Property Management Group hold the mandatory license to operate hassle free.
All Service Property Management Group understands the significance of accurate collection and distribution of funds. Legislations and laws around deposits, payments, interests, taxes and the like are strictly adhered to. All transactions are made transparent and are easily accessible for all clients. Our bookkeeping process is designed to handle multiple aspects of property management and is regularly updated to comply with all laws and regulations applicable for the time being in force.

As per the law, some specific mandatory guidelines involving serious issues such as mold issues and Lead based paint issues require. We at All Service Property Management Group give utmost priority to such specific laws and adhere to any required actions and disclosures as for and when applicable.

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