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fair housing policies

Our team of property experts are absolutely dedicated and committed to the principles and practices of fair housing. We ensure that all individuals eligible to rent a house are given a fair opportunity to view it and make an attempt to rent it. We base our business in line with Equal Housing Opportunity guidelines, fair housing definition of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and fair housing laws enforced by federal, state and local governments.
The Law of the country prohibits discrimination in the provision of housing or access to housing on the basis of national origin or ethnicity, race, creed, color, disability, familial status, religion, sex, age and other or any other possibly discriminative factor that limits or limits housing choices or the availability of housing choices. At All Service Property Management, we ensure strict adherence and compliance of the same.

Our real estate experts qualified individuals with equal access to the housing of their choice. We display your home to the best of our abilities to all the people who show interest in your property and are legally qualified to rent it. Our real estate operation is based on unbiased, fearless and critical thinking.
Fair housing is not just the law; it is also a good business practice. Adhering to fair housing policies our experts ensure that when you put your home on the rental market, you are filled with wide applicant pool for rental housing and that all the tenants are treated equally.
We do not tolerate or encourage any biased discrimination, constantly striving to protect the interests of you as the owner and us as real estate professionals, since fair housing laws are applicable to all. We ensure that we protect your assets and you can park your worries right at our reliable doorstep.

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