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Marketing Your Property

Preparing Your Property For Rent

All service pm moto is to help you on geting best rent for your property so our team will contact you to discuss the detils of your property and regarding any maintenance required.

Setting the Rental Price

Rental price fully depends upon the demand and availability of the property. If you have multiple properties for rent we may reduce our asking price.

How long the property will be vacant?

This is the most common question arise while putting a propery for rent.It is hard to predict how long can a property be vacant, event in the best market condition. But we All service property management puts our best efforts to rent the property. We have a dedicated team of professionals working 24/7 on marketing and advertisement. So that the property get rent quickly as it possible.

Marketing & Advertisement for Renting the property

We do advertisement on Google, Bing, facebook, twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Yahoo, Youtube and all the other search engine and websites.We have an in house team diligently working on advertisement to rent the property.We put pictures of the property with full details that help the people to book the property.